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Each attorney at BeckerMüller has many years of professional experience in the field of patent, design and trademark law. Due to our different technical backgrounds, we can offer you comprehensive legal advice in all technical fields.

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In its decision "Konditionierverfahren" (ruling BGH X ZR 75/18), the BGH consistently continued its previous case law practice on obvious prior use.

EuG-Cannabis Store Amsterdam

The figurative mark CANNABIS STORE AMSTERDAM (T-683/18) is contrary to public policy because it refers to an addictive substance that is prohibited in the majority of Member States.


The aesthetic aspect of a trademark in the form of the packaging of a product may be taken into account in the question of the registrability of the shape of the packaging as a trademark.


Since the underside of a bicycle saddle is not visible during its intended use, this design element is not independently protectable.


If use can be proven for a trademark, the use of the trademark for a special product also has the effect of preserving rights for a broader, not too broad, generic term of goods.